Epiphany Search

The frontend of the Epiphany site was quite a fun build to be involved in. Due to the type of brand Epiphany is, it gave the design and development teams license to make something a bit more fun and bold looking than the usual type of agency website that you see.

Straight away on the homepage, it is orange... very orange. There’s an animated bird, and clouds floating across the screen, because clouds make everything better.

The homepage of the site is mostly made up of content ‘tiles’. These feature content ranging from simple blog posts to tweets, instagram photos, and even a spotify playlist. Unfortunately the Lionel Richie playlist that was present through the entirety of development, did not make the cut when it came to going live! To achieve the layout of the tile I used the Isotope jQuery plugin, in conjunction with the ‘perfect masonry’ layout plugin to prevent any gaps between the tiles.

The Epiphany site is fully responsive.