The Penis Manual

The Penis Manual is a guide in the style of a ‘Haynes Manual’ designed to extensively chart what can cause erectile dysfunction.

This is a project which when shown to people usually draws a pretty good reaction… Almost as if they’ve never seen an interactive penis website before.

The guide features various nodes positioned over a detailed penis illustration to label the many different parts. There are also group nodes which when hovered over highlight a section of the penis, along with displaying a popup bit of information.

Two different views can be selected, and within each view there are four individual states.

  1. The parts of the penis.
  2. Process of an erection & issues.
  3. Common causes of erectile dysfunction.
  4. STI information.

All of the states display a ‘Circumcise’ tool at the bottom right, which has an animated pair of snipping scissors when hovered over. You can drag the circumciser all the way to the right to display statistics about circumcised penises.

Unfortunately this project never went live.